Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Precious Children

From Living Torah (Volume 59, Episode 235)

Mordechai gathered thousands of Jewish children to study Torah and pray to G-d to save the Jews from annihilation. Only when the innocent voices of the children ascended On High, did the Almighty annul the decree and replace it with the opposite — boundless joy.

It is imperative to intensify all efforts for the Education Campaign, and to reach every single Jewish boy and girl. It is our responsibility to alert every Jewish mother and father — who themselves are the innocent victims of lack of Jewish education — that it is essential for a Jewish child to grow up with his Jewish heritage.

This does not require a total shift of the parents’ thinking. In recent years, most people have realized that money does not give life meaning. They need to simply be educated about things they never heard from their own parents: That a Jew has, and needs, his own heritage. We are assued that “Words that come from the heart, will enter the heart” and have the proper impact.

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