Friday, December 5, 2008


From Living Torah (Volume 56, Episode 221)

Now that we stand two weeks before Chanukah, it is time to raise some points as to the nature of the Chanukah campaign:

The Chanukah Menorah is kindled at twilight. “Twilight” represents a dual state: on the one hand, there is darkness; but at the same time, the sun is still fully there, albeit obstructed.

The Chanukah campaign must reach those Jews who are in a state of spiritual twilight. Like the sun at twilight, G-d’s Divine light may not be readily visible upon them, but in truth, it is fully present, for just like the sun always shines, the Jew’s heart remains ever-awake to G-d, Torah and Mitzvos.

The same is true for Jews living in their “twilight years.” Their health and physical condition is no longer robust; many are forced into nursing facilities, leaving behind active, vigorous lives. And certainly for Jews who are in prison… For them, the Chanukah campaign is needed even more.

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