Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exile + 1 = Redemption

From Living Torah (Volume 56, Episode 223)

Hebrew, the Holy Tongue, is utterly precise. In Hebrew, “Exile” is called “Golah.” But this very word also hints the path to redemption. By inserting the letter Alef, the word “Golah — Exile” becomes “Geulah — Redemption.”

The Talmud states: What does “Alef” indicate? “Alufo Shel Olam — the Ruler of the world.” Alef is the first letter and number, the start of everything. Likewise, G-d preceded all existence, and He is the source of all time and space.

When one draws the Alef, G-d, into every aspect of life, he lives in a state of redemption, because his mundane life is infused with G-dliness. He thereby liberates himself, and influences those around him to achieve the same. And when many “personal redemptions” are achieved, then, as in Jewish law, “the majority rules” — redemption is brought to the entire world.

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