Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ad Mosai? Until When?

From Living Torah (Volume 52, Episode 205)

Concerning the future Redemption, the prophet declares, “I will offer thanks to You, G-d, for Your wrath,” for at that time, the good hidden in all mankind’s suffering will be made clear.

But why must this be concealed from us until then? Torah is called “The Torah of Light,” for through it G-d reveals profound truths to mankind; what makes this mystery so ineffable?

A possible answer: G-d wants Man to cry out with deepest sincerity, “We long for You, all day!” If a person could grasp in any way the “goodness” of exile, he could not cry out for the Redemption from the depths of his soul.

At the same time, a Jew is expected to serve G-d with genuine joy - and through this he tears down the barriers of exile. To spare a single Jew even a moment in exile is worthwhile; how much more so when all Jewish souls, since the Giving of the Torah, are all waiting in a state of exile, yearning for redemption.

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