Wednesday, July 30, 2008

United, We Stand

From Living Torah (Volume 51, Episode 203)

Exile and the Jew are complete opposites! A Jew is the “only son” of G-d, King of kings. And a prince - especially the only son of the King of kings - has only one place fit for him: by his Father’s side. Why then, were the Jewish People exiled from their Father’s palace?

The original cause of the exile was disunity among Jews. But this descent only paves the way for a greater ascent. As Isaiah declares: “For a fleeting moment I have forsaken you, and with great mercy I shall gather you” - with even greater unity than ever before.

Even whilst in exile, G-d transforms the bitterness of our dispersion into a remedy, by distributing the Jews among many nations, thereby ensuring our people’s survival. So though a non-Jew may perceive the dispersion of the Jewish People as an absolute decline and descent, Torah declares that no such thing occurs to the only son of the King of kings; his Father only allows what will bring him to ever-greater heights!

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