Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Rebbe in Paris, 1938

JEM is currently completing the script for Early Years Volume III covering the Rebbe & Rebbetzin’s time in Paris and Vichy, France during the years 1938-1940. The script includes a number of illuminating interviews.

If you know someone who has any information or first-person accounts of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin during this period, please email us at: jem@jemedia.org.

The next film, Early Years IV, will cover the years 1940-1941, as the Rebbe and Rebbetzin were in Nice, Marseilles, Portugal and their arrival in the United States.

A special thank you to all those who submitted names and tips thus far. They have resulted in the discovery of fascinating new information which will come to light in the upcoming film.

For more information on the My Encounter with the Rebbe project, or to learn more about The Early Years series, please visit: www.EarlyYearsFilm.org